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Sleeping in? Think again!

What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Do you jump out of bed or do you pull the covers up over your head? It might seem that a few extra minutes of sleep would be helpful, but they're not. To be blunt, they're a waste of time. It is far more beneficial to get up and put that time to productive use. To me, every minute before my kids are awake is like gold. It's mine, all mine. This is where I focus on me. No social media, no checking my emails, no background noise, no reading the newspaper. I focus on me by first by planning my day setting goals, reviewing what I'm grateful for and establishing my intentions. I have a special journal for this. Next I meditate. And then I exercise for at least a half hour. I don't do this every day but I do some part of it on the "cheat" day. Some days I write instead of work out. But I'm always exercising something. If not my body, then my brain, and when the kids are up and in my face, I exercise my rights as a parent! Another tip, first thing when you wake up drink a glass of water. You can get dehydrated while sleeping. Also, try cold water in your shower at the end. It's not fun but the results are amazing. The deep breath you take to deal with the shock will increase your alertness and decrease stress. Hydrotherapy has many benefits.

Morning Routine

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