The Plight of the Single Parent

Last night I was supposed to be in four places at the same time: PTO meeting, a parent session for my son transitioning into high school, pick up my older son at practice, and the pick up my younger son 45 minutes later. The plight of the single, and sick, parent.

If I wasn’t so contagious I would have made arrangements for the pick ups and gone to the transition meeting. I would have loved to attended the PTO event which was a celebration at a restaurant but the boys’ academics trumps my social. As it was I picked up one son, sent him into to buy the burritos at the local taco stand, came home, rested and went back for the other son.

While I’m sick of being sick and haven’t exercised in a week, on the plus side I’m still better off than I was a year ago. How’s that? I now have contacts for pick ups and I have enough money to buy prepared food when I’m in a pinch. Last year I had no one to call and money was too tight for take out. You can’t take anything for granted!

I consider this a success and I congratulate myself for juggling the schedules and providing for the boys. While sick. And to think I was considering having my bunions removed. No way! A whole week of bedrest and then five more of recovery? Out of the question. I’ll keep wearing my “comfortable” shoes and be grateful my feet don’t bother me. I just won’t look at them as they’re rather unsightly.

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