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Present Moment Morning

The other morning when I was drying my hair I whacked myself on my eye with my hair brush. I was rushing to get out the door and as we all know when you move your brush quickly your hair dries faster. Right? “Ouch” I said and knew I had to slow down and focus on the task at hand.

“Did I meditate this morning?” I asked myself. No. I was not in the present moment groove. And I realized I was also rushing my youngest son and that doesn’t help anyone. Yes, every minute as it gets closer to him catching the bus is valuable and increasingly faster than the one before, but creating more chaos doesn’t help control the situation. And when I rush to get in my car to get to work on time I’m more likely to forget something.

Keep Calm and Stay in the Present Moment

The trick is, in addition to being prepared the night before, getting a good night’s sleep and getting up on time in the morning, to remain calm. Just like the popular meme from last year. Rushing creates unnecessary anxiety for everyone involved. When I step back and let my son be, it’s actually entertaining. Like the time he ran for the bus with a shoe in one hand and a pop tart in the other. Not my breakfast of choice for him but whatever works! He was better prepared after that. As for me, while I prefer to get to the office early, no one is going to suffer if I’m not. When I’m at peace I can contribute more at work.

And I’m less likely to injure myself with my hair brush in the morning.

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