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The Disconnect

Single Mom Handbook

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you feel a little disconnected? I’m having one now.

My first meeting didn’t go very well last week. The date went well but the no-text-after isn’t working for me. Then the guy I thought I was going to have dinner with on Saturday night texted that he was having dinner with his dad. And that was that.

Am I connecting with the wrong people? Do I not connect well with others? What can I do to make better connections?

First, when someone says they don’t want a relationship and you do, don’t go any further. On the flip side when someone says they’re looking for a relationship and you are too don’t be afraid to admit it.

Keep meeting new people. Don’t wait for that one person to appear out of one encounter. Once you’ve put yourself out there keep doing it.

Switch it up. Try different venus. Different online dating sites, meetups, church, business network events. Just get out there.


Don’t go to commercial events like concerts and games by yourself. It’s the loneliest. Everyone else is a couple or a family. You won’t find an “in” to their circle.

Or bars. Don’t go to bars alone. That’s just weird. I know guys do it but nothing appeals to me less than watching tv at a bar eating bar food. And drinking alone. It’s not right.

Meeting new people is like interviewing for a job. The more practice you get the easier it gets. No one wants to be a perpetual job hunter just as they don’t want to be a forever dater. It’s too much work. But you have to start somewhere and it’s really a numbers game. Eventually it’s going to pay off. And probably not in any way like how you expected.

So there’s my hope. Numbers game. Keep moving forward. Don’t give up. Next!

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