Thank you for that zen moment

I’m stuck on the concept of boundaries at work. I’m going to have to admit I’ve given up. There are no boundaries where I work. Once you’re in a cubicle it’s all over.

Physical: Not only am I in a cubicle but there also isn’t a break room. And the “kitchen” is only big enough for one person at a time. In addition, there air quality is terrible and my eyes start to itch the minute I enter the office.

Emotional: All but one person drains me. I do a lot of training and I get hit with random questions all day. Questions I’ve answered several times before. Questions that are completely unrelated that the person should have had experience with before they were hired. It gets to be very frustrating. That’s when I just leave.

Spiritual: I also report to someone who outright told me my job is useless and doesn’t make money for the company. I’m still trying to figure that one out. For the life of me I can’t understand how that is supposed to help motivate me to increase sales. It really made me rethink my existence with the company.

So how do I make this job work for me? I distract myself by looking for other jobs. I focus on my outside interests. I remind myself that this job doesn’t define me. Everyday when I walk through door, first I imagine myself in a bubble that no one can penetrate and then I put on a smile and greet each of my coworkers. Once I’ve made an appearance and finished my tasks for the morning I leave and either work remotely or visit accounts. I’m in a dysfunctional relationship that I am forced to contend with.

On the flip side, I’m learning to recognize my stressors faster and respond directly. I’m forced to be more empathetic with my coworkers and supervisors. I’m getting better at letting go of the little things. My daily mantra: I am blessed with learning opportunities! Thank you for that zen moment.

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