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Today will be easy!

I’ve completed four days in a row of greeting everyone in the office. Yesterday was a little different. I had a run in with my nine year old before I left for work and got all stressed out. I couldn’t stop thinking about how to solve the problem as I drove to the office. I was stressed and tense. When I got to work I was rather loud as I inadvertently stomped up the stairs and everyone looked up. I gave a group hello and commented I was a little wound up from an a confrontation with my son. “Never underestimate the power of a nine year old,” I said. It got a good laugh. And put me in a better mood.

I have to admit the simple task of saying hello has made my mornings at work better. It seems to automatically set the tone to “relax.” It puts me in the present moment. Once the door to the office is open and I focus on my greeting, the other stuff in my head shuts down. And that helps me to be more productive as well.

And writing about it each day has helped tremendously to keep me on task. It reminds me that I have to do it, it’s helping me recognize the importance, and tracking my progress makes me more committed to seeing the goal through.

I’m in sales so it’s interesting to me that I know I already do this when I grab the phone to talk to a customer or go to meet her. And I work hard to be present moment oriented when I’m with my boys. Not always on my A-game but I’m aware. So why would my co-workers be such a challenge? Is it possible we’re all a little bit in our own world when we get to the office? It’s unlikely everyone in the company is excited to be there every day! "Everyone’s got something," I say to my kids. Perhaps I’m finally learning to be more empathetic to that. There's truth in the saying "It’s never too late!"

Today "Hello" will be easy. It’s Friday! After payday no less! We’ll all be buzzing!

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