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What's your goal this week?

It’s Monday! A fresh start to the week. Anything is possible. The first step is to get out of bed and see what happens. Use whatever incentive it takes. I’m going to guess for most it’s coffee! Mine is tea. Although I do long for a Starbucks grande Latte Macchiato with almond milk but the $5 drinks add up pretty fast and it’s not in the budget this week. I can dream!

I’m going to make a huge admission here:

I’d rather work on my own stuff at home than leave for my job at 8am. It’s hard to shift my thought process from writing about how to do things and seeing the completion of a project to going to work for someone else and selling their products which I don’t have much say in. I get so much satisfaction from solving problems and helping others. I don’t get quite as much when I make sales goal for someone else. But I do get a paycheck and that’s pretty important right now!

Can you relate to that?!

So how am I going to get through this week? With an open mind. First I’ll tend to my own business by getting up early, staying off Facebook and emails so I can write for an hour, then go for a run, get the boys to school, and be on my way. At work I’ll focus on the tasks and the goals and keep my head down.

Another confession:

One thing I struggle with is when I arrive to the office is saying a cheerful hello. Some days I acknowledge everyone and other days I go right to my desk. Why is that? It creates a much better mood when I’m friendly and open and puts me and everyone else is a better place. I don’t know why I can’t do it everyday. So here’s my goal:

This week, I’m going to say hello to everyone in the office when I arrive each day. Every day, everyone. With a smile, no matter how forced. It shouldn’t be that hard, right?!

Does anyone have advice for me how to accomplish this? What are your goals for the week?

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