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The Handbook

Create a life you love with these four programs

Even if you have no time, no patience, no resources, and no idea where to start.

If you want to earn extra money, find a satisfying career, start a new relationship, and meet your personal goals, then you've SURELY at least considered the idea of getting started by now.

And perhaps at least one of the ideas has been top of mind for awhile… …lumped in with the millions of other things taunting you on your “someday to-do” list.

Perhaps you’ve even forgotten WHY you haven’t done it by now.

Or, if you’re highly aware, perhaps you’ve identified the lack of action to be a murky cocktail of:

  • Not wanting to waste time or money on a complex course that’s all but guaranteed to be a glitchy disaster.

  • A lack of confidence in yourself... and no support system.

  • A preoccupation with the daily grind: getting the kids to school, housework, groceries, endless shuttling the kids from one place to another, laundry, making dinner, helping with homework, reading a bedtime story, wondering where the nanny and housekeeper disappeared to (Okay, maybe not the last one.)

  • Setting up an awesome party (your website) only for nobody to show up. :(

Yet despite all of this, the thought of improving an area of your life has never slipped too far down the bottom of your to-do list, because deep down in your entrepreneurial heart, you KNOW that pulling off a life you love is achievable. If only you knew where to start.

And THAT is what I’m going to help you accomplish today. So even if you think that you’re a bit behind the curve… …that the opportunity has come and passed... …that it's too late in the game - why bother - change is hard - it's expensive. (I thought the same things too.)


  • Build a highly rewarding home business that give you the flexibility you need in your day and the extra money you need to live.

  • Find a rewarding job with benefits that will give you the confidence and self esteem you deserve by providing for your family.

  • Start a new relationship from a solid footing of authenticity, mutual respect, connection, and love.

  • Do MORE of what you love (enjoying life)  and less of what kills your vibe (worry, stress, loneliness).

Well…look at you being all smart and stuff.

Why your decision to hold off on going ALL IN on webinars up to now was likely a genius marketing move.

Okay…I realize that’s a bit of a crazy statement, but if you stick with me for a sec, I’ll show you why I’m sticking to my guns. 

YES, it’s true that hundreds of online entrepreneurs are generating 5, 6 or even 7 figures every time they hit “play” on their webinar. 

And YES, it’s also true that had you jumped on the webinar bandwagon sooner and spent thousands of hours tinkering around, testing and optimizing, you MAY have also been one of those success stories that “webinar experts” love raving about.

But here’s the thing…

Contrary to what you may have heard, most people who attempt webinars (and maybe you can relate) NEVER even break even. 

In fact, my VERY first solo webinar resulted in a NEGATIVE RETURN of $1,500. 

And the funny thing is - I actually did everything right. (My content was great, I had 100 people show up for the call, and my tech set up was triple-tested and held up like a champ.)

One tiny mistake…

But one tiny mistake on my end that nobody warned me about (Really? I’m supposed to include a purchase link?) sunk the whole thing in less than a millisecond. 

And I know that my own epic fail may sound.. well.. uncommon and unlikely. 

But if you’ve ever attempted a webinar yourself (or listened closely to the struggles of your entrepreneurial peers), then you’ll know that the horror show isn’t so far off from the typical webinar experience.

Here’s how most webinars go down…

First, you reach out to your email list to get people signed up.

Or…if you don’t yet have a list, you whip up a few FB ads, tie it together with a registration landing page, and wait for the “magic” to unfold. 

And maybe you actually DO get a solid number of registrants. Something you feel good about. 

So you go to work on your content. You labor for hours wondering what you’ll share with your audience, and how you can somehow seamlessly steer the conversation into a natural sales pitch that doesn’t make you (or them) feel sick to your stomach. 

But even as you write it, you can already feel how contrived it all sounds.

You worry about the balance.
Am I teaching too little? Selling too much? Should I just throw in the towel?

But you’re a bold-faced entrepreneur and you’ve already spent hundreds on ads and technology that you don’t even know how to use yet…so you plunge forward with a “screw it, let’s do it” mentality. 

“It’s all in my head…I’ll feel better once I’m on the call”. 

Sure…if you can even make it there.

Next, it’s time to unpack all that equipment and tech you just dropped a thousand bucks on.

But “it’s all good” you say…“I’ll make it back on my first webinar!” 

So you take stock of it all - microphone, webcams, screenshares, recording app, broadcast software, registration forms, hosting, etc. 

And breeze through the instructions - watch a few YouTube tutorials and “how to” guides, and desperately try to patch together multiple systems, programs and technologies that make assembling Ikea furniture feel like a walk in the park. 

And let’s say you get lucky…maybe there’s a “tech guru” in your mastermind group who owes you a favor and steps up to the plate and delivers. 

Phew. That was close ;)

Then the day of your big webinar comes…

You review your notes, make some edits to the slides (“What was I thinking with that outdated, uber-corporate template?”) and do a few vocal warm-ups to make sure you’re “projecting” properly…as if any of us really know what that means. 

So you’re feeling good. Checkmarks. All systems go. 

Minutes before you go live, you peek into the webinar room and only a HANDFUL of your registrants have made it (something like 15%... with most of them being your friends and family who showed up for moral support). 

What happened to all those expensive, well-earned leads?? AHH. 

And are the few that made it even the right TYPE of audience? 

Do they care about you or your material, or are they waiting for ANY excuse to check out and get on with their day?

You’re worried…

But the show must go on - you can still salvage this if you convert the few people that actually DID show up, right? 

So you fight the flinch, hide your disappointment, and jump into a scattered mix of slides, screen shares and sales pitches. 

There is ZERO engagement from your audience. (What happened to all that “YES momentum” you were told would come so easy?) 

And for a split second, you can swear you’re back on stage at your old middle school delivering your very first public speech to a bunch of disinterested teenagers. 

You bravely give it your all and awkwardly transition into your “pitch.” 

Your brain floods with negative self-talk: 

“Who am I to sell?” 

“I don’t want to sound sleazy or pushy!” 

“My audience will hate me and never trust me again...the few people I have will unsubscribe…” 

But once again, you push through it and sputter off a few words. 

A Hail Mary. 



Close the curtain. 

Exit stage right. 

You curse the so-called “webinar training” course you bought that covered only one piece of a large, intricate puzzle…and cast-off webinars as an expensive, complicated, ineffective system that has no place in your business. 

You pat yourself on the back, lick your wounds and learn to live another day while waiting and hoping for webinars to die a slow, painful death. (Not like you’re spiteful or anything…)​

Yet despite all these webinar horror stories, you STILL hang on to the idea of “someday” doing them.

Because despite EVERYTHING that can (and usually does) go wrong with a webinar… 

There is still NOTHING more powerful, leverageable or exponentially more profitable for you and your business than a well executed webinar strategy.​

  • Your digital products and online courses sell out with ease…without having to pressure your audience with scarcity tactics and ninja “influence” tricks.

  • Your email list gets routinely pumped full of quality, highly engaged leads (who like and trust you quicker than any autoresponder sequence could ever achieve).

  • Partners and affiliates line up to share your awesome, high-converting and valuable presentations with their audiences, creating a MULTIPLIER effect for your income.

  • Your BEST webinar presentations get recorded and placed into an automated, evergreen system acting like a top-performing, 24/7 salesman for your business.

  • And your time and resources are leveraged to envision new breakthrough strategies, create more blockbuster products, and yes…even take that much needed vacation that you promised your family you would take…all while your automated webinars pull in the sales.

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