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My Story

Lisa Dubino

How I went from a dead end career to making a real connection with my clients

I’ve always been envious of people who are in their “zone.” I was determined to find mine. My start was after college, when I wanted to work in a corporate setting in human resources. So I did. Wore the suit, had an office with a view. It wasn’t for me.


Much of that job was interviewing recent graduates who all seemed to have traveled in Europe after college. The seed was planted and I decided I wanted to travel, so I did. I tried to give my notice, got a leave of absence instead and went backpacking in Europe. It was an amazing experience and I’m so glad I ventured out but I was still on the clock at work. And I was out of money. I went back to my job but didn't last long. After a few days going up and down the elevator and wearing heels, I quit.

Everyone asked, "Are you crazy?"

Food and skiing, what could be more fun?

Then an opportunity came up to open a restaurant and there was no way I could turn that down! So I learned everything I needed to know about food service and running a business and gave it a shot. There is nothing glamorous about owning a restaurant. It had its moments but the stress and physical wear and tear were too much. I got out.

I was also a ski bum out west for a few winters in those early years. I don’t think it’s actually healthy to live in a resort town for too long. It’s too much fun!


Next up, the phone rang, and surprise! I became a food and beverage manager at a ski resort. Oh the stories. And the stress. But good skiing.


Opportunity knocked and I got out and tried food sales.


I was in my zone, or so I thought. It was a great job but the market changed and I had started a family. As the pressure grew and the travel became endless, my priorities changed. I took a sales job at a local newspaper.

In the zone...

And that’s where I found my happy place. Well, not quite yet. I quit that job too but this time I had a plan. I used my income tax return to buy a laptop. That was all I needed to get started. I built a website, came up with a marketing plan, and positioned myself as the online marketing expert in my town. All my background and experience came together. It was easy to get lost in my work.

As the digital landscape changed, so did my services. It was all I could do to keep up. I loved it! I made my own hours, was always learning, and I even felt comfortable responding to clients with an “I don’t know.” Because nobody did! Things change all the time in digital. Life was good, I could spend time with my children, and I was making money.

But then I had a huge distraction - my divorce.


I lost my focus, my drive, and my money. I had to start over. I moved to a nearby city with my children and took a full time job in media sales. What I thought would be a three month transition took three years!

It's been a wild journey but worth every bit of effort. I've improved the quality of my life and my kids are thriving in our new community.


So, I work full time in media sales, have two children to launch, and am still pursuing my dream. Which is, to be wildly successful with an online business I love and help other people become wildly successful. And I’m happy to say I’m back in the zone. Are you ready to dive in?

Let’s do this!

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